Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does ‘Surma’ mean?

The name ‘Surma’ refers to the Surma river in Bangladesh and is pronounced ‘Shoor-ma’. The restaurant is most commonly pronounced ‘Soor-ma’.


2. I’ve been to another ‘Surma’ restaurant in another town. Are you linked?

No, we are in independent restaurant and are in no way affiliated with any other restaurant in the UK. Any restaurants in the UK or abroad with the same name is purely coincidental and the quality of service or food has no bearing on the service we offer.


3. Should I book a table or can I just turn up?

We would recommend you book a table in advance to guarantee a seat at the time you wish to dine. You are always welcome to attend without a reservation, but if we are busy on the night, there may be short wait until tables become available. Nevertheless, we have a seating area and access to the bar whilst you wait.


4. Do you cater for parties?

Of course we do. Please contact us to discuss your party requirements and we can determine customised set menus, or prior preparation to improve your experience.


5. Can I buy Surma gift vouchers to give to my family/friends?

We are currently trialling a gift voucher system on an ad hoc basis, so please contact us if you have such a requirement. If this proves to be successful, then we will formalise the process and will provide more details on our website.


6. What should I do if I am not happy with my meal?

Please tell us! We pride ourselves in providing the best dining experience, high quality service and top-notch food. If there is anything that you are not satisfied with, please let the staff know and we will endeavour to rectify the situation. If you prefer, let us know via email to including details of the dishes or the experience you had. We promise to get back to you as soon as possible.


7. I have a great idea for your website/restaurant. What should I do?

Let us know! If it’s a good one and we implement it, we’ll show our gratitude.



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